We Give Back!

Recently, Beth was happy to present a check to Shorewood Cocker Spaniel rescue for $600 to help their rescue efforts.  Shorewood recently took in a dog name Joe Cocker who was a severe neglect case, left to die, couldn’t walk because his fur was so matted.  Joe is still recovering in his foster home, but continues to make progress.

Sometimes at Happy Dog Barkery, we wonder, do we really make a difference?  We can’t donate thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat.  We can’t compete with marketing/website budgets of the big guys.  It’s just us, a team of 18 people who work hard everyday to make a difference in your dog’s (and cats) lives.  We don’t get the accolades that others do, we just do it.  We aren’t perfect, but we try hard.  Sometimes we are so busy working, we neglect trying to get our story out there.  That is why we appreciate your support.

When we are able to donate money to groups like Shorewood or many of the other groups we support, it makes us feel good knowing that somehow we are helping.   We don’t only support with dollars, we donate food when we can, we are a depository for things you want to donate to the shelter, we foster kittens and dogs.  So please, we ask for your continued support so we can continue helping others.  Shop local, refer us to your friends, have us deliver your food, think about buying from an independent retailer, not the big box or chain stores and just love your pets.

Happy Dog Barkery