It’s that time of year – PACZKI DAY!  Yes, for DOGS!  #packzisfordogs #packzi ##

There’s no need to leave our dogs out of the fun! 

How did this get started? We used to watch the looooong line for human paczki at Busy Bee and one day we were joking around while ordering them for ourselves, we should make these for dogs. Then, we thought, why not?  We started in 2011,  we’ve tweaked the recipe over the years, added more flavors and now it is a do not miss event!  Who knew making this annual Polish dessert in a dog version would be so popular?  The dogs (and their people) always look forward to it.

Pastry ingredients: garbanzo bean flour, skim milk, egg, canola oil, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla

Filling flavors:
Boston Terrier Cream (yogurt, flour, goat milk, pumpkin)
Chicken (chicken, cream cheese, applesauce)
Coconut (cream cheese, coconut flakes, coconut flour, honey)
Maple Bacon (yogurt, flour, maple syrup, bacon)
Peanut Butter (natural peanut butter, cream cheese, oats, honey)
Sweet Potato (sweet potato, cream cheese, honey)
At only $3.00 each, try a few and discover your dog’s favorite flavor!  Pickup available Sunday, 2/14 – Tuesday, 2/16.  These special treats are only available once a year, so “fetch” them while you can!