Ode to an Oven

We’re mixing and rolling and sheeting and making:
All of the things that go into baking.
When all of the sudden there’s an odd little smell
And some smoke from the oven that doesn’t look well.
“Oh no!” we all shout as things grind to a halt,
Cringing and crying because we know what’s at fault.
Our oven’s been faithful for year after year,
But that was it’s last day, we’re beginning to fear.
We’re mournful to tell you, but alas, it is true –
Our oven is dead, and there’s not much we can do.
So thanks for the years of your cooking and heat:
You were really an oven that couldn’t be beat.

So now we’re still busy but without our old friend,
We’re running on empty; some flavors are nearing their end.

Some trays may be empty, some platters are bare,
But we promise your dog doesn’t have to despair.
We’ll keep up with our cakes (and, of course, liver),
And our fresh homemade stews will flow like a river.
Give us a week (or maybe ten days?)
And our brand new oven will be freshly ablaze.
We’ll bake every day until our stocks reappear,
Morning ‘till evening until our To Do list is clear.
Please, give us patience for our brief intermission –
You know that the best is always our mission!