October Stew Schedule

October 2021 Stew Schedule

See the stew Master List for ingredients

September 28- October 3

Turkey Delight

Turnup the Beet

Just Peachy

Bovine Divine


October 4-10

Turkey Delight

Just Roll With It

Hearty Beef

Pork and Beans


October 11-17

Turkey Delight

Chicken Parmesan

Mooton with Lentils

Bacon & Egg


October 18-24

Turkey Delight

Chili Dog

Winter Blues

Squash Gobblin


October 25-31

Turkey Delight

Poultry Geist

Zombeet Brains

Witches Brew


Due to occasional ingredient shortages, weekly stews may be subject to change. Stews with unavailable ingredients will be swapped out for another stew from our list or made with a substituted ingredient. Please call the store for any updates regarding the stew schedule.

We may throw in some extra flavors during the month.

Remember, we can do any flavor that isn’t scheduled if you order at least 10 containers.  .