October 2018 Stew Schedule

October 2018 Stew Schedule

See the stew Master List for ingredients.

September 24 – September 30
Turkey Delight
Beer B Que
Breezy City

October 1 – 7
Turkey Delight (grain free)
Cock-a-doodle Moo
Pork & Beans

October 8 – 14
Turkey Delight
What Came 1st
Green Eggs & Pork

October 15 – 28
Turkey Delight
Beet It

October 29 – Nov 4
Turkey Delight
Summer Luau

We may throw in some extra flavors during the month.

Remember, we can do any flavor that isn’t scheduled if you order at least 10 containers.  Or, we will add you to a request list and when that last reaches 10, we will make the stew.

Schedule subject to change.