Keeping You and Your Pup Safe at Night:  Light Up the Night

As we Midwesterners know, the sun goes down much earlier than it used to this time of year.  That means our walks after work or dinner have now become walks in the dark.   We don’t know about you, but nighttime walks even feel a bit different.  And some pups can feel that difference too.  We want to share a few tips on how to keep you and your pup safe at night.

There are a few ways to help keep your pet safe at night.  First off, travel a familiar path for your evening walk.  Knowing your route can bring a sense of security to you and your pup.  Secondly, light it up.  Use a flashlight to light your path.  This will obviously allow others to see you, but will also allow you to see what’s on your path.  Headlamps can enhance navigation with the bonus of keeping your hands free to hold the leash, poop bags, or whatever your needs may be.

But you might want to take it one step further.  Light up your dog!  Reflective gear is one way to light your pup up.  There are jackets, vests and leg/foot gear that have reflective striping on it to allow others to see your pet.  You can also get light up collars or mini lights to attach to your pup’s collar for more visibility.  Test them out.  Make sure the light is bright enough to be seen from a distance.  Many of the clip on blinker lights have strobe lighting and/or bright colors to help make your pup visible!

Night walks are a must for many people.  Making sure you and your pup are not only enjoying your walk, but are safe and visibly seen is crucial.  Stop by the store to see our blinker lights and reflective collars for the dogs and head lamps for the humans!