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Christmas Treats

We've got so much to offer for Christmas!  Availability may change from day to day, but rest assured, our elves are working very hard to keep a fabulous selection of treats.

The 12 Treats of Christmas Limited Edition Treat Platter

We've created (or slightly modified) 12 recipes especially for this limited edition 2017 platter.  There are a limited number of platters available so pre-order yours now!  Call or order online.  Only $20!!  Plus as a BONUS, all pre-ordered plates get a custom ornament cookie with your dog's name.  Platters will be ready on Saturday 12/2 for pick-up through 12/24 or until they are sold out.

One: Spinach and Parmesan Tree
Two: Coconut Snowball
Three: Carob and Peanut Butter Snowball

Want something extra special?  Order a cake or cupcake for your celebration!

Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Liver - all grain free!

4" Circle - $11
4"x6" Bone - $17
6"x10" Bone - $27
Small Tree - $13
Large Tree - $27
Gingerbread Man - $15
Small Cupcake - $2.25 (grain free PB only)
Large Cupcake - $3.25 (add $1 for custom personalization; grain free PB only)

Call, email or fill out the form to order.