How Your Dog Can Help With Your Gender Reveal!

Are you looking for a way to include your furry family member in your baby announcement? Do you want to surprise your guests and your pup with a delicious and adorable cake? If so, you need to check out Happy Dog Barkery’s gender reveal cake for dogs!

A gender reveal cake is a cake that has a hidden color inside that reveals the gender of the baby when cut or bitten into. Including your dog in the celebration is a memorable way to stage the big reveal!

We make the dog-friendly cake using white and colored frosting.  The inside of the cake will have a generous helping of the color but the outside is frosted with white and has both pink and blue decorations on top.  When the dog chows down, the surprise is on the inside!

We offer the cake in a 4″ circle, which is a perfect dog size.

How do we get the gender info? We will work with you to get the secret – sometimes you can get a sealed envelope from your doctor, sometimes a trusted friend will let us know, don’t worry, we can work with you on it.