Bakery Menu

Friday 6/5/20 –  We are open today for in-store shopping from 12-5, Main Street entrance/exit only.  No dogs, one person per family, masks required (don’t have one? just ask us for one). We will continue curbside and delivery, so please fill out the request below above for those.  Thanks and see you soon!

Bakery offerings – order 24/7 – we will text you when order is ready. Order link at bottom of page.

Add an $8 mystery value pack bag to your order!  Or if you have a small dog, add a $5 bag for a small dog that has smaller treats.

Soft treats: bow wow brownies, liver, bacon/cheddar, pumpkin, ginger molasses, twice baked PB & apple bars, coconut bars

Mini Bar: bacon, beef, breath, cheddar, chicken, liver, turkey, gf bacon & egg, gf chicken

Dehydrated Cake Bites! – Carob, Coconut, Liver, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Spinach Pie, tuna fudge

Fro Yo: pb cake,  berry, banana, maple bacon and regular pb

Pill Dough – chicken or peanut butter (works great as a smear for our Lick Lick pads and other interactive toys)

Whatcha Stewin’?: Turkey,
Something’s Fishy! – tilapia, tuna, lentil, garbanzo bean, broccoli, yogurt, dill
Chicken Parmesan
Hearty Beef
Green Eggs & Pork

Turkey Loaves

Frozen Stews:

Pumpkin Cupcakes small or large

Big J’s Sweet Potato chews

Liver Chips

Training treats back in stock – however they are liver and cheese (instead of liver and pb)

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