Holiday Shopping Guide

To make your shopping experience a little easier, we’d love to help provide you with a few gift-giving ideas!  We have fun items for your dog and cats of course!  But we also have wonderful gift ideas for pet-loving humans too!

Gifts for those pet-loving humans:
Wine glasses, shirts, rugs, wooden signs, ornaments, socks, coasters, and soggy doggy mats and towels.


Gifts for your pets:
Fleece blankets, Holiday toys, toys for year round (dog/cat), mental stimulation games, holiday attire, coats, and fleece sweaters for warmth.


Bakery Gifts for any furry friend:
Our Holiday Bar is open for you to mix and match our holiday flavors. In a rush – no worries!  We have gift sets pre-made for easy pick up and go.  Or we would love to customize your bakery needs. If you would like a customized gift set please be sure to reach out to us:  text, phone, online or in person (our favorite).   

To order the Holiday Sampler on-line click here!
To order your holiday cakes click here.