Fiona’s Story

June 21, 2019

Dear Happy Dog Barkery,

Today we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the adoption of our 7 year-old lab, Fiona.

It was totally by chance that I stopped at the West Suburban Humane Society last June.  We were not looking for a dog as we had recently said good bye to our 13-1/2 year old lab.  i just wanted to visit with the dogs.  The kennels were full and the dogs were barking and wanting attention.  All except this small, female, black lab who was curled up in the corner of her kennel.  I asked why she was not barking or excited like the others.  I was told that she had just shut down.  She had been in this kennel for 4-1/2 months and had come from a backyard breeder in southern Illinois.  She had been kept in a kennel and used for breeding for seven years.  The breeder was going to shoot her because he was done breeding her.  Animal control rescued her and brought her to the West Suburban Humane Society where they began treating her for worms, a double ear infection, a urinary tract infection, dandruff and itchy skin.  Her coat was patchy and looked awful.  Her front teeth were worn down from trying to chew her way out of the kennel.

I filled out the paperwork and within a couple of days Fiona jumped in my car and I brought her to the place she now knows as home.

Our first stop was Happy Dog Barkery for a leash, collar, training treats and a toy.  We met Patricia and she helped us with our purchase but most importantly gave us advise and encouragement.  We were realizing what a challenge this was going to be.  Our first two months Fiona would not eat out of a bowl and she would only drink water outside.  I bought her a dog bed and she would lay next to it.  I gave her a ball and she had no idea how to play or fetch.  She carefully mothered any toy or stuffed animal she was given.  Fiona just wanted to be in her crate.  She was very skittish around noises, strollers, bikes, boxes, and doors.  She did not bark for 10 months.  Everything was new to her.

Patricia had invited us to walk through Happy Dog Barkery as often as we wanted to get Fiona comfortable around people and other dogs.  Fiona began wanting to go because she would get a treat (or two or four)!  The staff is incredible.  Each and every employee at Happy Dog Barkery is amazing and has been so helpful, kind and understanding.  They have all made such a difference in Fiona’s life.  She has come so far!   Fiona loves people and dogs.  Fiona loves life!  We now see the sweet loving girl that she is.  You have helped make our decision to adopt a rescue one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Fast forward to today, June 21, 2019, and now every day for Fiona is “Best Day Ever!”

Thank you Happy Dog Barkery

Rosemarie and Jim C.