Donations for our Wildlife Baby Shower

Anyone else ready to think about Spring?  We know that springtime brings with it new life.  Nancy, with 2nd Hand Ranch Rescue is already starting to prepare for the spring babies and injured wildlife that will be coming her way.  We want to help her save as many babies and injured wildlife as possible.  Can we count on you for help?   

We will have our annual month-long “Baby Shower” for all the incoming wildlife to her rehabilitation center.  If you are doing any “spring cleaning” please consider donating:
*clean blankets, pillow cases and towels
*cleaning supplies (paper towels, bleach, etc)
*laundry detergent
*carabiner clips
*milk crates
*nuts and wildlife food
*used baby or preschool toys
*puppy and kitten formula (@Happy Dog Barkery)
*canned dog and cat food (@Happy Dog Barkery)
*kibble food (@Happy Dog Barkery)
*Monetary donations as well as sponsorships of an animal

Drop these items off at Happy Dog Barkery throughout the month of March!  We will personally be giving Nancy your gifts on April 4th when she BRINGS BABIES TO VISIT us at Happy Dog Barkery!  We love the babies and the knowledge and care she shares with those around her. 
We thank you in advance for sharing your generosity!