Covid Plan

11/4/2020 12pm – This is not news I am happy to share, but one of our NON-CUSTOMER CONTACT, NON-SALES FLOOR employees has tested positive for Covid-19.  To say we are devastated is an understatement. There are going to be business interruptions and delays due to quarantine requirements.

Following instructions from the DuPage County Health Department, all close contact employees with the staff member are going into quarantine today.  This includes 8 of our staff, which is going to greatly impact our operations.

We thought we were safe, we thought we were doing the right things, but it just doesn’t stop the virus from entering the workspace. No one is safe anywhere these days. We will be making some more business changes today.
Unfortunately, these changes are going to cause disruptions in customer service and for that we are truly sorry. We will only have two registers available until the third can be moved to a different location. That is if we even have enough staff to cover all registers on a given day. We will continue to sanitize on a schedule, stop sharing of pens, cleaning door handles, etc. Other rearranging, distancing measures will be implemented will be identified and corrected.
My staff is scared, I am scared and the next couple of weeks are critical. The next months are critical. Testing of staff is currently being done, but we still need to quarantine. We may have shortened hours, we may have closures. We will be keeping you up to date as much as possible as things are changing every hour as we work on the emergency plan.
We will be keeping posting updates on our website. Link will be down below in the comments. Exposure is everywhere we go outside of our homes, no one is safe.
Thank you for your support and understanding.