A Safe Thanksgiving Feast for your Pet

Is it ok if you want to include your pup at your Thanksgiving Feast?  The answer is a bit muddy.  Yes and No.    There are a few things that you might want to consider when feeding your pup his Thanksgiving Feast.  When we (humans) cook meals we use butters, creams, and other things (seasoning, etc) that pets really don’t need in their diets.  Having too much fat and/or eating toxic ingredients can cause a digestion nightmare and more for you and your pet.  So please take caution when feeding from your feast.

Foods you can share:

Turkey (without the skin), pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), green beans (not from the casserole), sweet potatoes (but not smothered with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows), pure vegetables.

Foods to just stay away from:

Cooked turkey bones (cooking makes them brittle and splinter), Stuffing (could contain toxic ingredients), mashed potatoes (filled with heavy creams), gravy (high sodium, and fat).

We love to share our food with our pups.  We want our pets to know we love them.  But make sure you are doing so in a safe and healthy way.

From our kitchen to yours….We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.