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Welcome to Happy Dog Barkery, the premier canine bakery in the western suburbs! We’ve been baking treats for your pet since 2004 and look forward to many more!  Not only do we have a full line our own specialty bakery, we also carry food, bones/chews, toys, collars and much more!

Are you looking for info on our wholesale dog bakery, Happy Dog Kitchen? Click here!

Did you hear? We now offer delivery!

Can I Protect My Pup’s Paw This Winter?

While no salt melt is completely safe for pets (or humans for that fact) to ingest.  The pet-safe salts are safer than using rock salt or many others on the market.  For example, one commonly used ice melt is rock salt -or sodium chloride. Unfortunately, rock salt is...

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December 2018 Stew Schedule

December 2018 Stew Schedule See the stew Master List for ingredients. November 26 - December 1 Turkey Delight Winter Blues Hearty Beef December 2 - 9 Turkey Delight (grain free) Beet It Mooton December 10 - 16 Turkey Delight Cowabunga Breezy City December 17 - 23...

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