A Mouse’s Tale

Many people do not like mice but I hope that, being pet people, you will indulge me:


Heavy rain drops soaked the cement, and the chill of the October air penetrated through fur and jackets a like.  Still, there were many people waking past the Happy Dog Barkery, carefully stepping around a tiny, gray ball stuck in the sidewalk’s crack.  Cheryl noticed the shivering mess on her way to the store and asked one of us to move it to where it would not get eaten by an inquisitive dog or stepped on.  I was enjoying the dry warmth of the kitchen, but my curiosity was roused, so I went out front to find a baby mouse that had been washed out of its nest by the rain.  His eyes were not yet open and his meager fur was not enough to keep him from trembling with the cold.  I could not see where he had come from, so I patted him dry with paper towels before placing him in a bush under a small cover leaves.

Of course, I never stopped worrying about him.  Too young to see, freezing cold, and on his own?  He had no chance.  Despite my better judgment, I found myself lining a small box with towels and bringing him inside.  After my shift, I picked up some Kitten Milk Replacer and hoped for the best.  I never really believed he could make it – after all, he was a sopping wet, ten day old mouse – but I promised him I would try.

First day home, 10 days old

I began feeding him kitten formula from an eye dropper, which was an around the clock job.  “Gryphon” defied all odds and grew bigger and stronger every day.  Despite a few setbacks, including a bout of diarrhea that resulted in several baths, Gryphon was weaned onto a diet of mouse food and Cheerios within two weeks.

Gryphon still sleeps with his orange "baby blanket."

And that, as they say, is history.  Ideally I would have released him, but after caring for him so intimately and for so long, I did not have the heart to re-introduce him to the dangers of outside.  Gryphon is now ten months old and seems content in his 40 gallon aquarium full of hidey holes and mouse toys.  His favorite treats are spinach pies from the Barkery, he has over 30 “fans” in his Facebook group (Gryphon the Mouse), and I enjoy every day I have with him.

All grown up!

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13 Responses to A Mouse’s Tale

  1. Barb says:

    We Love Gryphon! Thanks for taking care of him!

  2. Robin Bedard says:

    That story brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful story, I can’t stop reading it. Thank you for having a heart and saving that adorable little mouse!

    Robin Bedard

  3. Chris Lina says:

    What a beautiful story this was.

  4. nancy says:

    This makes my heart soar! There are so many good people that see miracles in all creatures like we do at 2nd Hand Ranch & Rescue!!!

  5. Donalene says:

    So sweet! I agree with these people too! My mom saved 4 baby mice at the cottage one year. Gives you a great feeling after all, they’re living breathing little things! This story is so sweet!

  6. Colleen holmes says:

    Even the tiniest creatures deserve our protection.

  7. ethel maxwell says:

    Thank you for saving the mouse. All creatures great & small 🙂

  8. Alison says:

    Poor little guy can’t help being a mouse! You were do nice to save him! 🙂

  9. joyce brazer says:

    What a beautiful story and Gryphon is a very handsome and healthy looking mouse. I am so glad you cared enough to rescue him. I hope I can join his fan group and read more and more and more about him. Your writing has won me overr. Thank you so much.

  10. Nikolay Moltchanoph says:

    Beautiful story with happy end!

  11. Ellen Jareckie says:

    Hi! I’ve raised many orphaned Deer Mice and they are indeed, very sweet creatures. Most of mine were released into the wild, but one or two decided to make themselves pets. You did a great job, and I’m sure that little mouse of yours is a very happy mouse, thanks to you!

  12. rod eyer says:

    We did the same thing a few years ago. “Mr. Mouse” enjoyed a full life – four years old when he passed from old age. Nice job.

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